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The Seeing Eyes
Red Rose
Five Boroughs
Untold Tales
A Rainy Affair

Don't Look Back (2023)

A Novel 

Despite the challenges of their past relationships and the uncertainty of the future, Damon Taylor and Kai Sutherland are determined to make their new relationship work. They attribute their meeting to fate and are willing to do whatever it takes to stay together. 

However, their path is far from smooth, as they encounter a series of setbacks that put their trust in each other to the test. With a cast of unpredictable characters threatening to upend their lives, Damon and Kai must rely solely on each other as they navigate this rocky road. 

As they strive to build a promising future together, they discover that trust is a rare commodity, and not everyone can be counted on. This heart-pumping drama will have you on the edge of your seat as you confront the difficult decisions and tense situations that lie ahead.

Dont Look Back FC.jpg

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The Seeing Eyes (2021)  

A Novel 

On orders from the highest branch of government, Dr. Kimberley Scott, a brilliant scientist, and her colleagues are assigned to the D9 Project by PSFA. Led by Dr. Casey Kingsley an avowed narcissist, the group is faced with an improbable task that could forever change mankind. Aware of The Seeing Eyes, Dr. Casey Kingsley is determined to withhold classified information he’s entrusted with from his superiors and colleagues. Eventually, there’s a leak, leading to a global probe by other world leaders. What will the investigation yield? How will the Americans respond? Will the threat of war bring about the intervention of The Seeing Eyes or will the world leaders annihilate each other?

The Seeing Eyes Front Cover New.jpg

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Rebirth (2021)  

A Novel 

Imagine a world where mutated humans and the followers of a Northeast town called Patience has made a pact with demons and the occult. The dark abyss of evil has disturbed this once peaceful town and the townspeople are willing to sacrifice their fellow humans to the mysterious powers called the Rebirth. The town is the breeding ground for winged creatures devoted to the satanic being, capturing the souls of the dying and the living.

Rebirth New Front Cover.jpg

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Red Rose (2019)

A Novel

International espionage, counterintelligence, and covert operations are the backdrop for an international duo of assassins, who must confront the double-dealing, treachery, lies, and shifting of allegiance from their government, allies, family, and friends. Lines are drawn as family bonds are broken, leading to grudges, rivalry, and betrayal. Will disloyalty, breach of trust, and ultimately hate, destroy one of the oldest and most powerful Japanese clans?

Red Rose Front Cover.jpg

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Five Boroughs (2019)

A Novel

An Elite Special Force, Code Blue was responsible for the elimination of all threats to the national interest of the United States and its allies. After years of service, the members of the group began questioning their role and the treatment that awaited them once they returned to civilian life. Not liking the direction in which the country was going, they formulated a plan to pull off one of the boldest operations that will affect the five boroughs of New York City.

Five Boroughs Front Cover New.jpg

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Untold Tales (2019)

A collection of short stories

You will be entertained by the conflicts, resolutions, commitments, and choices of the varied characters as they make their way through life. Filled with the ups and downs and the many decisions that can either lift one or break them down, Untold Tales colorfully describes and paint a picture of human fragility, love, pain, and joy.

Untold Tales Front Cover NNNN_edited.jpg

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Treasure (2014)

A Novel

Set in Alabama, Treasure chronicles the de jure racial segregation of the Jim Crow era in the south. It is a candid account of the Biloxi family and the decisions they made generations ago. Family secrets will never die, and their impact resonates in more ways than one. The story follows the lives of sisters who are raised in an influential family, and who are forbidden to marry outside of their race. Lines are drawn, and sides are taken as family members challenge the way of life that many in the family had become accustomed to. 

Treasure Front Cover New.jpg

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A Rainy Affair (2012)

A Novel

Driven to unimaginable bounds and emotionally damage, Rain-Banks Summer is determined to do whatever it takes to change her situation. After fleeing an abusive relationship, she moves to New York City, only to become a part of the city’s hysteria. Unbeknownst to her, a string of murders has the city in chaos, and the police suspect it’s the work of a serial killer. His victims, mostly women are terrified; nonetheless, Rain refuses to isolate herself and become a victim once more.

Rainy Affair Front Cover New.jpg

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New Blood (2012)

A Novel

It was a time in which the New Republic was in its infancy, and like the new settlers, another group of visitors had arrived looking for a new way of life. Unbeknownst to the human settlers, and in their midst, was the undead. In deep denial at the outset, and the refusal to accept the existence of vampires, the townspeople are shaken when their animals and neighbors began missing without a trace.

New Blood NN Front Cover.jpg

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Fair Game (2008)

Street Chronicles Series Book 1

Sexually molested as a child, Dana Estick decides to take control of her life and flees from a harrowing past. Not knowing whom to trust or where to turn and left with no alternative; she flees to the bright lights of New York City, where she encounters several questionable characters. Drawn to the fast-paced life, her naivety is on full display as she tries to manage school, work, and love life. Dana’s story is about redemption, while overcoming her childhood fears and the trauma of being sexually abused — and finding the courage to confront her abuser.

Fair Game Front Cover New.jpg

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False Pretense (2010)

Street Chronicles Series The Sequel to Fair Game

False Pretense is an urban suspense thriller. False Pretense captures the suspenseful and ambiguous tension that threatens to derail Dana Estick’s marriage, motherhood, and life. Will her harrowing past come back to haunt her? Will she fall victim to the obstacles facing her, or will she rise above them unscathed? Left with no other alternative, other than to sacrifice and do whatever is necessary for her family, Dana is more than prepared to face an unknown future.

False Pretense Front Cover New.jpg

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Deadly Consequences (2003)

The Code of Crimes Series Book 1

Deadly Consequences chronicles the rise of Dante “Black” Reynolds, a young man bitter towards his father and whose absence shaped the path he took in life more so than his presence. It’s a look into the life of a complex young man whose life is a paradox. It’s a coming-of-age story that is bound to challenge and unleash your emotions.

DeadlyCons Front Cover.jpg

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Unleashed (2013)

The Code of Crimes Series 

The Sequel to Deadly Consequences

Explosive and realistic, it captures the sound, sights, and scenes of a feisty group of Harlemites whose one requiem is having their eulogy read aloud as a warning to others. It’s a clear reminder to their adversaries that their reputation hinges on how business is done, and if proper precautions are not taken, Harlem’s wrath will be Unleashed.

Unleashed Front Cover.jpg

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New Blood
Fair Game
False Pretense
Deadly Conseq
Dont Look Back
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