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The Little Mermaid (Ariel).

The internet is getting more and more outrageous, the absurdity that is now going on is laughable, but at the same time serious. The racist responses and vitriols on the internet about who should play The Little Mermaid send a clear message. People with nothing better to do are angry. They see the makeup of the country, yet they don’t believe that representation matters. People are using these moments to show how they feel, and it's based on their discriminatory and racist beliefs.

When, where, and how to stir up trouble doesn’t matter to these people, when they are determined on doing so; what matters is the outrageousness and controversies and how it rubs people, and The Little Mermaid was what they were waiting for. Again, laughable, but serious.

The Little Mermaid is an imaginary story. It’s fantasy, and the attempt to make it otherwise is mindboggling, because why would you wake up each day wondering why Ariel is played by a black girl? Have these people had nothing better to do? Still, it gives you a blueprint into the minds of these people.

I say to those people who have an issue with Halle Bailey playing Ariel, Hans Christian Anderson’s Danish fairytale character, you are a clear and present danger, and nothing more than lunatics. Oh, by the way, give Disney a call, they do have a toll-free number.

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