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Anthony Pathfinder

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Parallel Lines

New Release

The Rise Of The Order (2024)

“The Rise of the Order” is an enthralling science fiction tale that thrusts readers into the heart of the enigmatic Baldanian era, where the formidable Ordelians, a powerful non-human species, strive to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors by conquering the vast universe.

Their ambitious journey unexpectedly brings them into contact with humans, now known as Earthlings, uncovering a startling revelation from their archives and wise Elders: humans once coexisted with the Ordelians during the Baldanian era, hinting at shared ancestry. The prospect of Earthlings possessing Ordelian DNA becomes an irresistible mystery.

As their encounter with Earthlings deepened, the Ordelians' grand plan to assert control, dominate, and colonize their newfound adversaries and other species became a reality, ushering in a gripping exploration of power dynamics and interstellar conflict. “The Rise of the Order” is a captivating science fiction narrative that challenges the boundaries of conquest and the cost of domination in an ever-expanding universe.  

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A compelling, and captivating plot. The characters are relatable. The plot was easy to follow.

Author Beverly "Dimples" Rowley

Praise & Reviews

Realistic, the characters are believable. Each character has a distinctive voice that brings the twists and turns to life.

Author Brooklen Borne

Well written. Bold and unpredictable, it's a great read. The plot will have you on the edge of your seat.

Parallel Lines
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

The Woman In Compartment 13

The car sped down the dark unpaved road. Thunder rumbled across the night sky. A steady rain begins to fall. The road is a muddy marsh. The tires rolled through the mud as the driver tries to find traction on the tough surface underneath. A frantic look is on the driver’s face. The deadline is minutes away. It wasn’t long before the car pulled up to a small cabin. There was a knock on the door.  

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About Anthony Pathfinder

Anthony Pathfinder is an American author. He authored several novels of science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, thriller, action fiction, urban fiction and short stories.

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