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Anthony Pathfinder

Published Author

Parallel Lines

New Release

Don't Look Back

Despite the challenges of their past relationships and the uncertainty of the future, Damon Taylor and Kai Sutherland are determined to make their new relationship work. They attribute their meeting to fate and are willing to do whatever it takes to stay together.
However, their path is far from smooth, as they encounter a series of setbacks that put their trust in each other to the test. With a cast of unpredictable characters threatening to upend their lives, Damon and Kai must rely solely on each other as they navigate this rocky road.
As they strive to build a promising future together, they discover that trust is a rare commodity, and not everyone can be counted on. This heart-pumping drama will have you on the edge of your seat as you confront the difficult decisions and tense situations that lie ahead.

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A compelling, and captivating plot. The characters are relatable. The plot was easy to follow.

Author Beverly "Dimples" Rowley

Praise & Reviews

Realistic, the characters are believable. Each character has a distinctive voice that brings the twists and turns to life.

Author Brooklen Borne

Well written. Bold and unpredictable, it's a great read. The plot will have you on the edge of your seat.

Parallel Lines
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

The Woman In Compartment 13

The car sped down the dark unpaved road. Thunder rumbled across the night sky. A steady rain begins to fall. The road is a muddy marsh. The tires rolled through the mud as the driver tries to find traction on the tough surface underneath. A frantic look is on the driver’s face. The deadline is minutes away. It wasn’t long before the car pulled up to a small cabin. There was a knock on the door.  

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About Anthony Pathfinder

Anthony Pathfinder is an American author. He authored several novels of science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, thriller, action fiction, urban fiction and short stories.

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